We love what we do!

Welcome to Moments for Life! We turn precious moments into meaningful stories by producing high quality digital slideshows. These slideshows are great for surprising family and friends when celebrating special occasions. They make beautiful and thoughtful gifts which can be shared together or they can be sent digitally to those who live further away.


These poignant, reflective and respectful slideshows are ideal to commemorate lost loved ones, they make memorable tributes that can be shared at funerals and memorial services.

We take a series of photos and video clips (which are provided to us) and turn them into high quality digital slideshows. We bring them to life with motion, music and text captions. These can then be sent as gifts, they can be shared with family and friends and they can make wonderful tributes at special occasions.

We can cater for any occasion as well as anniversaries, birthdaysfunerals, graduations, mother's day and weddings. Please contact us with any queries.